Letters from within the walls of the citystate of Ambrosia to my dearest friend Ernest

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A new year approaches

A new year approaches. That is a sentence that conjures up the image of a large goliath floating ominously towards us, or at least to me it does.
I suppose I should have said we approach a new year. Oh well whatever it is not important. Well not very. Although I suppose as anything is each and everything is as that determines everything else.
Or not. Very positive statements there for you. No question that I know the truth and have the answers. Good. If I did I would be a freak, a genius beyond those that have existed or a common idiot, perhaps a preacher for a god or suchlike.

Anyhow, New Year, new beginnings. Well as often is the case actually it is a time of new beginnings. Projects, dreams, objects have indeed neared completion and come upon a new invigoration at this juncture.

For those that know what I mean I will say this - I am glad a head has been come to and I am glad that certain waste is no longer consumed. I am also pleased that love and ability have stepped forward.

For those not in the know I say this: At each point we try to create something that is worthwhile to ourselves and our personal ideas of good and necessary and what we see that of our peers.
For me I see the need to make this whole a thing which only steps forth with its strong foot and that each foot is stronger than the last, thus like a winter snowball the momentum builds and builds.
Something that will make people miss its passing, something that will make people believe in something beautiful, make you feel like its all worth while. LARGE hopes you say? Yes well I only ever aim for the best and now more than ever.
Can I walk like this talk? Are these two ever stronger feet possible? Well not forever maybe, but for today. Stay with us while we take them to breaking point. Help us wallow in stepping one step more and more gracefully than so many others. Let us trample with anger, let us sing with love, let us touch with lust and need, and let us lie in stories we create and die in the worlds we build. Does it even matter? What matters is we do something that has the integrity to rise up and above. I would like to make a place people can make these things and it be cared about. We can I think. Its been done before and it will again. Now.

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